The world’s first thermal imaging smartphone Cat® S60 made its debut at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones took an up close look at the device and was impressed by the thermal imaging capabilities of the phone.

During the usage of the device, he was able to click a thermal selfie in a pitch dark room, and was also able to capture the heat print of his palm post removing it off the table.

Rory then had a brief Q&A session with Senior Product Manager (Bullitt Group) Pete Cunningham to discuss about the practical usage of the device in everyday life. Here is an excerpt of the conversation between the two:

Rory: What might professionals use it for?

Pete: If you’re an electrician, you could look to see a fuse box whether it’s overloading or not. If you’re a vet, you could look at horse’s calf or look an animal to see whether it’s stressed or if horse shoe is fitted correctly.

Rory: What about the rest of us? Is there really any use in this for a normal mobile phone user?

Pete: Totally! We believe that this will be a default feature in 50% of the smartphones within five years. The exciting thing for us is that once you put this technology in the hands of real people, that’s when they’ll discover what they can do with it.

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