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Designed to blend in any living room decor, the Withings Home really stands out from the traditional “CCTV / IP camera” crowd. Unlike other cameras that resemble glorified webcams or eerie electronic eyes, the Withings Home has a rounded design and a real wooden casing.

The Withings Home will help you protect your family and belongings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Home keeps a close eye on the happenings in your house and sends smart alerts to your phone so you can stay connected to those you love from anywhere.

Always in the loop


Whether your home is empty or full of life, the Withings Home is always on guard and ready to send you instant notifications on the status of your home. Through the Home app, you can configure the threshold settings to receive the alerts that are most important to you.

What does Withings Home detect?


Home is able to send alerts to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (Android compatibility under development) when detecting movement, noise, the presence of people, and degradation of the quality of the air. You can choose which notifications remain enabled and disabled, as well as adjusting the sensitivity of each parameter to ensure that your notifications are as insightful as possible.

Never miss a special moment


We’re happy to offer the complimentary Home Diary feature without the need for a subscription. The Home Diary will display the events detected over the past 48 hours in the form of a timeline. You can scroll through these automatically archived photos and animated sequences to download anything that is particularly memorable.

Continuous recording capabilities


Need more video surveillance storage? Not a problem. You’ll have the choice between two subscription services:

  • An extension of the standard features to 7 days (Home Diary and Timelapse). Price: free during the BETA.
  • Continuous cloud video recording for up to 7 days. Price: free during the BETA.
  • Why choose the Withings Home for protecting your family and belongings 24/7?


  • Protect your family and belongings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • HD camera connected to the Internet and accessible from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Customizable alerts (motion, noise, presence of people, and indoor air pollution).
  • A journal with a history of 48 hours (at no extra cost and without subscription).
  • Continuous recording options.
  • Award-winning design (real wood shell, magnetic disc, ability to hide the lens and switch to the “private” mode).
  • Free app available on the Apple App Store (Withings Home).
  • The first IP camera that monitors air quality


    Home has a Volatile Organic Compounds sensor to monitor and control indoor pollution. Home will help you to track your indoor air quality toensure the health and well-being of your family (and pets!).

    Discover 10 technical specifications that explain why Home surpasses the competition

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